Affiliate program terms and conditions

Those wishing to access the X STYLISH COLLECTIONS affiliate program must submit a request that will be subject to approval by XSTYLISH COLLECTIONS.

Once registered, in your control panel you will find the registration option as an affiliate.

Affiliates may leave the Affiliate Program and terminate this agreement at any time by sending an email to (

It reserves the right to withdraw Affiliates from the program, as well as deny service to any person, for any reason and at any time.

As an affiliate, you can receive commissions for certain qualified sales.

The commission percentage for X Stylish products is 10% gross. We reserve the right to change that percentage at any time and for any reason.

Qualified sales are those sales made by users who access the X Stylish Collections website by clicking on an approved link on an Affiliate's website (Affiliate Link). Affiliate links, including URLs, banners or headers and other creative materials, are available on the Affiliate Program platform.

The Affiliate Program platform uses cookies in the browser to verify qualified sales (commissionable). Cookies are valid for a period of 30 days (Period of validity of cookies). The Affiliate will receive commissions for qualified sales made during the Period of Validity of cookies. This means that an Affiliate may receive a commission for a qualified sale when it has been made within thirty days after the user clicked on the Affiliate Link, and provided that the Affiliate was the origin of the recommendation. If a user clicks on several Affiliate Links, the commission will be applied to the last link that was clicked before the sale. If the user's last click before making the purchase was on a payment channel, such as Google PPC, the purchase will not be considered a qualified purchase and the Affiliate will not receive any commission.

Commissions are calculated by multiplying the applicable commission percentage by the price of qualified sales (transaction expense and taxes not included). No commissions will be paid for canceled or refunded sales (the user is entitled to a money-back guarantee of the course in most cases).

To avoid fraudulent activities, commissions are subject to review and other restrictions. X Stylish Collections reserves the right to refuse commissions if any fraudulent activity is detected. The payment of each commission will be made within 30 days. Commissions will be paid through PayPal or bank transfer. In the case of PayPal, the user is responsible for entering their associated email in the Affiliate Platform.

The Affiliate Program user must have achieved at least 3 sales of the same product.

Payment will be made in the currency in which the referred customer has paid the product or service of X Stylish Collections.

X Stylish Collections may, at its sole discretion, provisionally or permanently remove the program and deny commissions to those affiliates who do not meet the requirements for Join and Participate in the X Stylish Collections Affiliate Program.

The affiliate is solely responsible for your site, including its development, operation and maintenance, as well as all the material that appears on it or within it. X Stylish Collections disclaims any liability for the Affiliate's site and for any user claims related to the site. Likewise, the affiliate undertakes to protect, indemnify and exempt X Stylish Collections from any claim or claim related to the Affiliate's site.